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Building a Work Shop

This is an idea for remodeling my office, which is now underway, so please bear with me. I bought a desk from The wood is all ash, and the top is restored from a dining table bought at the brilliant and long gone Design Research store in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Nick also built the book shelves (which I wanted unfinished for now. Only one is pictured. To the right of the desk is a table with a river top, which I also purchased from It's simple, sturdy, eye-catching. I find his designs to be direct, uncluttered, without flourishes. The finishes favor the natural patterns in the wood. The grain's the thing. (More to come... Ignore the junk on the floor. Note the fabulous baseball collection dating back to 1966 and covering the World Series, the All-Star game, and Home Run Derby. The floors and shelves will be cleaned up. I was most anxious to show this desk in action, the clean lines, the fine wood work.)


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