Jeff Shear writes the alt-espionage series, The Jackson Guild Books, about a Congressional aide turned spy in a demi-dystopian America, reeling from a nuclear attack that decapitated the government. He lives in an alternate future beginning in an alternate past, September 28, 2009, as the world teeters toward war with Russia, a time made more treacherous by the influence of a powerful American family bent on creating a fascist state.  

Shear comes to the Guild story as a former Fellow at The Center for Public Integrity in Washington, DC. He was a staff correspondent at the National Journal, where he was hard-passed to the White House and credentialed at Treasury. His first book was an investigation into a weapons deal between the US and Japan (FSX), published by Doubleday. A full bio is available upon request

            Write Jeff at jeffshearbooks@gmail.com

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