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Emergency Instructions for a Contested Election

Fear and Loathing ran down Page One of the Sunday New York Times      (9 August 2020). In a prominently placed article above the fold entitled "Long Legal Fight May Follow Vote on Election Day," the Times's top reporters made it all too clear that Trump will not surrender office easily, assuming he loses a contested election.  

In our aggressively armed society, mass protests will become dangerous.


But there is a peaceful solution. 

 A strike. A boycott. A nationwide shopping strike. Make Thanksgiving a deadline:

If Trump refuses to concede office by Thanksgiving, stop your Christmas shopping. If there is no  Black Friday, and no Cyber Monday,  Amazon will flinch.  

The Jeff Bezoes of the world will notice as the shopperless hours go by. A shopper free Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. will cause the nation's economy to tremble. The stock market will fall. Trump will bumble, and he'll be powerless.  

Small business, already in trouble because of Trump's irresponsible slow-moving coup, will howl. 


Be subversive. Do your Christmas shopping now and hide your gifts in the attic. Treat this election as you would treat Global Warming... take action now! 

Do no Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving until the Republic is restored. Show no mercy. Make America great again. 

Pass my note around: Stop shopping after Thanksgiving if the election is contested.


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