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Book Three of the Jackson Guild Books


A Jackson Guild Book

Jackson Guild survived a nuclear blast that decapitated the government. Moscow's fingerprints were all over the attack. President Putin's crypto-rich oligarchs had snarled themselves in Mother Russia's apron strings and deposing America became necessary to secure their power and ensure their riches.

 America's next move could be its last because nuclear logic calls for an eye for an eye. Can Guild knit justice and vengeance together to avoid nuclear annihilation? 


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Kirkus Review described FINAL REPORT as a "...compact book and a quick read... The ending is a doozy of a cliffhanger, suggesting a fourth book is in the offing.


"...the compact book is a quick read and Shear appears to know his scientific stuff. Tech-heads should relish lines like this one: "She repurposed the semiconductor substances used in computers to become the gatekeepers between two opposing mutually annihilating states of matter." The ending is a doozy of a cliffhanger, suggesting a fourth book is in the offing." --Kirkus Reviews


"Part of the reason why this story is particularly compelling is its focus on the investigative aftermath of a nuclear attack which changes not only every American but the goals of individual survivors....Very, very highly recommended."   --Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review Watch


"Couldn't put it down... great characters"  --Pete Barber, author of NanoStrike



"This is a wicked ripping story..." Laurie Boris, author of Don't Tell Anyone



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If there is a moment that can change a man's life, this one changed Jack Guild forever:

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