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Tiny Spy

Tiny spies! I'll be writing about obsolete and infamous tools of espionage for a while, starting with a movie star of an instrument: Mr. Minox. Where has our miniature hero gone; why don't spies snap up secrets with this tiny camera, anymore? The iPhone, of course, has stolen the show. It's too obvious!!!

It's like hiding your espionage machine in plain sight. Who's going to notice the pictures you take? Uh, the guy who confiscates your camera/phone at the door, or simply asks you to remove the battery. Damn.

Could this mean the time has come to spruce up and re-recruit the infamous Minox. Probably not. The top button of a dress or shirt will certainly work better and possibly make wonderful movies. And if that doesn't work, just smile... and your teeth will take the image.

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